Co-Founder, Business Development

More than 11 years of experience in the hotel industry and international markets, in destinations such as Spain, the United States, Indonesia and currently in the UK.

She firmly believes that a well decorated and harmonious space can improve the emotional health and happiness of those who inhabit it

Cecilia began over a decade ago in the world of hotels with the motivation of creating unique experiences for clients, because there is not a more satisfying feeling than making others happy. After several years in the business world, she decided to take a break to be a mother, dedicating herself to it completely. Now, after 4 years of motherhood, the time has come to undertake new adventures, and returning to her motivation to make others happy, she embarked on this new project.

Co-Founder, Creative Director

Master’s Degree in Education of Art, at Artistic Profession School SUR, in Art and Creation Research, Degree in Fine Arts & Diploma in Design.

She loves nature and believes in the transformative power of art and creativity in all aspects of life.

Throughout her life, never leaving painting aside, she has made several interventions, exhibits and scenography where she has been able to share her work, ideas and thoughts. She has worked as a designer for architecture firms for over 6 years and has studied in various art schools, having the opportunity to learn over 30 different disciplines: interior design, scenography, painting, sculpting, music, poetry, photography, product design, etc. She has a multidisciplinary profile which gives her an open mind and an associative and diverse understanding process, allowing her to elaborate creative and visually shocking results.

You can find her personal project at: www.moyramontoyamoyano.com